Sunday, November 9, 2008


Something i got cooking for a side project with Simon Spurrier.

I really like the energy i can get out of using only bic ballpoint pens for the inking. I dunno- I wanna push this more but i have no idea to go with it from here.

I feel that color could bring a lot more out of the style.




Thursday, October 30, 2008


That was the song playing when i was finishing this up the old Ipod-

Dust Bros. (from Fight Club)

This continues the series of Batman villians VS Spidey Foes.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So yeah.

Sometimes things get convoluted.

That means basically that sometimes i send i artwork- in the layout stage- it gets the OK. But when i do actual "finished" pencils it can get...well...

Convoluted. Edited down to a more PG rated state. This not the first time this has happened to me- SO i wanted to post the double page spread you won't be seeing in it's original state because i thought it was mild- maybe not so much to the powers that be.

I do believe panels 3 and 4 were too graphic for an all ages adventures book. That Wolverine and those stupid claws of his always getting in the way of morality.




Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I think my scanner is dying.

It's doing weird shit like scanning things sideways. Half pages. Whatever it wants to basically to piss me off.

So yeah- wanted to get something new up here. It's been awhile since i left you with alil' something somethin'.

So this is a sneaky peak from WEAPON X:First Class. Part of 7 panel double page spread in Issue 2. My inspiration for this was Jack Kirby meets OLD BOY. I hope people dig the series. It's a challenge that's for sure...

Should be pretty cool to see what happens. Maybe everyone will love it and buy hundreds of thousands of copies and i will get offered some stuff to do and i can buy a new scanner and provide the people with solid crisp clean scans.


On Sale Nov. 5th people.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Weapon X

Sneaky peek.

This guy is driving me insane. I still don't feel i have a handle on the character. He has to be one of the hardest characters to nail down in the Marvel U.

I guess there's SO many incarnations of him floating around to be influenced by it's hard to peel back all of that and find something of my own to put into him.

I've been going with the Samurai look. I made his outfit more mesh-y and sharp edged. I went with combining what JR JR and Cockrum did for him. I tried (maybe i failed who knows) to incorporate a more feral look as well. I definately wanted to stay with the short and stocky fireplug look.

I dunno- What i do know is that i'm thinking that Wolverine's first design was to mimic Batman's.Especially the head piece fro his cowl...that thing makes absolutely NO sense...I haven't wrestled with my creative brain this much since Bloodrayne and those crazy rings in her hair.




Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SCDF! (A Slight Return)


Here's some new stuff!!!

Character designs for Sunset City Devils Forever.

Some SCDF! for your eyeballz!!!

Some of these images are "still" works in progress...But the general feel of what i want is pretty much in there.Hopefully, I can get more motivated to get some more of these done and the rest finished up.

First to last-

"Blood Brothers"-
"The Hands of Regis"
"MayzeeO's Knife Party"



Thursday, September 11, 2008



It's been awhile. No art to post though- I'm in the weeds with the Weapon X:First Class mini that i'm moving thru.

Slow and steady.

I have art to show- but i'm holding on to it until it's time. Most of it will be stuff I've been playing with for SUNSETCITY DEVILS FOREVER.

It's been a year let me tell you. The Ghost Rider and Ms. Marvel books seem to have been a success. I got work lined up so i'm pretty happy about that.

In other news- Rob Campanella will be joining me for inking duties for Weapon X. He's a Philly guy- we hang out and have late-late talks @ a local center city diner. Rob's a pro man.If you ever get a chance to pick his brain I would suggest you do so.

I am told i have something els elined up after this gig with Marvel- so let the speculations begin.

I'll post it here first- I want cracks at Black Panther, Iron Fist and Ghost Rider.

Nothing to feast here- so i'll end with a "Word".

Thanks for stopping and i promise i will post artwork soon!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008


I lied.

Here's some Ghost Rider Inked goodies i got from Danny MIki...mmm...

You likey?

August baby...August.




So Back in the Dayz continues...

Because i have new artwork but i can't show it! Be patient...It's coming. A lot is going on these days. Baseball is in full swing...I love this time of year man- no we see who is who and who is for real. Sleeping giants awaken as do the bats.

Clobberin' Time.

This might be my last post for a time...I am return home to Philly. California break y'know...It's been a hard year. A lot of ups and downs. I am using the time to do something i shoudl have done a long time ago...

"Wake up."

I am a slave to this. It's my therapy. My outlet. My imagination is the space where i constantly go to get away from the things that pain me. I started this in Philly so if it's to end it might as well be there no?

I get a strange energy from Philly...I won't lie...I hate that city because it knows me too well. Thi smay come off as bullshit or funny- but...

I need to know where i came from to know where i want to go.

Anywayz- on to the B.I.T.D (back in the day) jam of the week.

2 pieces...I did both of these pieces back in 2004-ish i wanna say...I was going thru a bad time in my life man- i had just finished my first Marvel project ( New Mutants) and it was a train wreck of an experience to say the least. I thought i was ready for it- but i was not. I got bummed and fell into a certain badness. I actually moved to Nebraska during that spell (yeah i move around A LOT...i'd like to stop really.)- for like 3 days i think...To stay with my Sister...and that was a disaster needless to say.So, I came back east and stayed with an old girlfriend in York, PA (Amish country yo) of all was like brain rehab i guess...Cracker Barrel man... Awesomeness.

I was there for 3 months i think.Last of summer, first of fall before i moved back into the city. I hadn't drawn much since that point...Nothing too spectacular. I remember not even having an art table when i drew these. Me and my Lady then were flat broke. Super broke. I drew these on these Kmart special picnic table things...Old school all the way.

So yeah... Enough- on with it right? Right- well next time i post i'm sure it'll be from Philly.

And it'll be a big one. Because i'll be awake. And i'll be bringing a big bat called the X-MEN!


"Self Portrait- I should have ducked." This piece was done supposedly for a pretend jacket cover for COCKFIGHT.

"Concept artwork" for a failed Cartoon Network pitch



Saturday, July 19, 2008

KNIFE PARTY (SCDF! Trailer Park Thrash)


It's here...Well- at least 0.1 % of it is...

SUNSET CITY DEVILS FOREVER begins...This is the concept stage for things- I started this as a warm up and went ballistic on it into the wee hours taking a break from the Marvel madness on my plate.

This is one of the members of the cast.

Her name is MayZee-O.

She likes to dance on burning rooftops and play with knives.

More to come.



Monday, July 14, 2008



This will be OLD SCHOOL MONDAYS...or BACK IN THE DAY MONDAYZ...I have not decided- but i think it would be interesting and cool- not too much humbling and a little cool to see the kind of nonsense and craziness i use to come up with back in the day.

I opened up an old suitcase today and i bunch of oldness slithered out- and i went back down memory lane. It's been a hard week- and it's been a hard year.

With the opening shuffle of looking for a gig and a home and having to return to home twice to attend to hospitals and sick parents. Thankfully my Mom survived her ordeal and my father was not so lucky and lost his life about a month ago. Leaving all of us in the aftershock and trying to keep it together...Like back in the day.

Shit i will get real personal here. I had a hard childhood.I was poor as dirt. I was even homeless once.I was profiled.i have been shot at. Stuck up.beat up.Beat down.Discriminated. All i had was my imagination...Nobody could take that from me.

It was a way out of it i suppose.

Comics can fuck up your world man. Good and Bad ways. I would like to focus on the good for a moment...

I don't remember a lot about my childhood. I think it's because i block it out because it was mostly unpleasant. Wat i do remember usually stems from my love for comics. I remember how me and my best friend TuRae Gordon - who is a comedian now of all things- god love him...Use to buy old comics for like 10 cents or 25 cents in the backbins and cut them up and make "ACTION BUTTONS"

We would cut out certain panels that were dope like the one of Wolverine in that classic XMEN issue when he's down in the sewers going "Now it's my turn BUB!!!"

LOL. We'd see that shit for like a dollar. Did it for months until kids caught on to our hustle.

Anywayz...I found a good amount- i will date and name the works...

LEMMY (: Motorhead thing i was asked to draw up from an animation studio who was pitching this GODS of ROCK show to MTV back in the day. I do believe Ahmed Zappa was attached to this. I did 3 of these (and some other ones). The Gods of Rock consisted of Lemmy ,Rob Halford and Dio. Dio was an add on for Ozzy...Because apparently Ozzy was too busy being real world-ish to do the God of Rock thing. I remember when i got this gig.I was staying with my big Sis because i just moved out of my place with my ex-girlfriend because she was...BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

Censored because this is a blog not a laundry mat.

The year i do believe was 2001. don't quote me.


I did this in a character and layout class for animation. This is teenage Billy-Rip and Running. Billy in four stages of life type of thing.I don't remember what i got as a grade...I think a "B"...not sure.

The year was 1999. Cue in Prince...Now.

and Finally- this is real old school...

I still want to use this idea to this day. This is from a role playing game adventure actually. That is right...I was D&D all the way man. Loved it. But this is from sort of hybrid-game that I created. I like the coloring job i even did. This was almost 20 years ago.

1989 man. Crazy right? Insane.

Back in the day...I thought this stuff was the shit.Just like lemonheads.Intelevision Baseball.KeL-Leco handheld chumpies. SueFunDIP...and Step Ball.

Anybody want to play a game of One Two 3 Hold?




So here's a commission wayyyy over due. I know. I know.

I JUST noticed (better late than never) that these dude are black and white-ish Ying Yang players.

Funny.* That Hama...Always dreaming things up in metaphor.

Anywayz...Here it is.

Note>this is a horrible scan- it got cropped off on S.S. broken blade. My bad.


Monday, July 7, 2008


So i'm diving headlong into pages now with all layouts done now.

Some doodles and teases of things to come.

Back to it then.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008


July is officially here.

It's the the month of fireworks, big explosions, liberation and all that jazz right?

What better way to start it off with an all X-MEN month. If you love the Merry Mutants you'll want to check in from time to time to see my take on them.

Because i'm going to try to put up as many images as i can with my work on the new project. Hope you dig.



Sunday, June 29, 2008



Just mailed off the pages to one Mr. Danny Miki for GR Annual #2 MERCY.


Get it.

Here's a sneaky peek.


I got a NEW project on my desk. I will give you some hints.

Danger Room. Department H. SNIKT! Until then...



Thursday, June 26, 2008


I got my "star" today.

You get stars when you get made with the Russian mob btw...Got up pretty early with my Lady to go root for her home squad today in the semi's.

About 40 insane Russians screaming. Flags almost being burt,tossed, & discarded. Rounds of shots to elevate the pain of defeat around 11:30 am. I sat in this Irish bar and realized how much i was invested in this...

Sometime the mob pulls you in. That segues into what happen earlier in the morning.

My time @ The House of Ideas does not seem to be coming to an end so it seems. I was offered a nice lil' mini series with some my all time favorite characters...I give a hint at this blog's title's header.

SO yeah...GAME back ON so it seems. It's like the mob--- everytime you think you're out...You know the rest. I'll explian myself more later...

I think i fractured a rib when a chair holding a Spain fan snapped and rammed into our table sending it square into my ribcage. So i'm thinking this gives me an excuse to stay home inside and draw some more now.

Those Russians are crazy.


Sunday, June 22, 2008



It's Sunday...I've had this image in my brain of DD vs. Bullseye. Bullseye with his teeth knocked out and DD getting a finger poked into his eye.

Seems like Bulleyes never really "needs" his teeth per say these days and well...we know the deal on DD.




Friday, June 20, 2008


So after 5 years of animation school I feel pretty comfortable with "acting out" scenes with my characters. I rarely use the mirror anymore to mime out facial expressions and all that jazz...

I remember when i got my first Marvel gig on New Mutants like ages ago...(it still amazes me when people pull those books out for me to sign @ shows...Ungh...those books are laced with pain and suffering...;) )


I remember the writers on telling me that most of the books action was happening within the characters. I love that. SOmehow down the line in my career i got labeled...the hot chick drawin' guy to the big action guy...not much happening in the middle ground...

It's funny- i spend SO much time on other parts of my game. Things like page layout. Panel placement. Shot selection.line movement.Mood.ect...

Well- this is from my last batch of Ghost Rider pages...Mercy (which goes on sale in August! Look for it!) I spent a good amount of time on this scene that plays out over 3 pages i do believe...Nice character moment between Blaze and a Young Sheriff's deputy.

I really loved the way the page turned out and thought i would share it.



Saturday, June 14, 2008


"Plastic tubes and pots and pans..."

Sign...Who remember's that movie "Weird Science"? Show of hands?

Anywayz- So i'm sitting there at Wizard World Philly and along comes Citizen Arkane...

Who is Citizen Arkane---Well he's basically the most awesome(-st) rabid comicbook fan on the planet. He's a good man and a true fan of the madness I call a career.

Well- anywayz,back to it...

So the Citizen comes along and we get to talking like we do about comic nerd stuff...And I show him my Bane VS. Venom bit and he's starts wailing off a ton of Spidey villians VS. Batman foes combos and here we are...

SO this image is one of those combos we got around to imagining in a Spidey/Bat vs. fiasco.

If i need to tell you who these two "mad scientist" are...then you need to take your broke rhymes back to rap rehab.



Sunday, June 8, 2008



No art. Just thoughts...(see below)

Been wrestling with concepts of what to take on per say for my next project creator owned wise.

I feel it's time to step back away from doing the round about work i have been doing with Marvel and DC. Not that i'm sure that I'm doing stuff in the future with them...It's just that to be honest...There really is NO job security in comic books unless yu are superstar status...or have a contract or deal.

Not that i wouldn't mind having that (because i would) it's just that the grind of that wears on you. I want more things out life i suppose. I want health insurance. I want to take my girl on vacation that has nothing to do with Comics or Stormtroopers involved.

I kept using the word "Disenchanted" @ WWPHILLY when i talked to comic fans and the like about how i feel these days. With the passing of my Dad. My mothers health problems. And the up and downs of never knowing when i'm working next or who i will be working for-

I miss normalcy of the old days when i worked a day job and did my work on the side a couple hours here and there and my stuff was my own and it spoke to me. I miss doing my own own ideals.

@ The philly show my artist alley table was placed next to the dude who is doing MOUSEGUARD...i forget his name- i want to say Brandon Peterson? I was sick as a dog and i really didn't feel like talking to the dude...But he was there and he had all of the mice with him. He was hot.

Well- his MOUSEGUARD product was so to speak anywayz. It was inspiring to see that people gave a shit about his own ideas and creations rather than the normal...O look- Wolverine! O schnap! that Batman is badass!

I took a long look at my work at one point and realized i'm selling myself on other people's ideas and inventions. My portfolio is stacked with known Marvel and DC characters...Bloodrayne and Storm Shadow in the mix as well...

I have 2 images in there from COCKFIGHT. Just two out of dozens. It's a concern now. I think it's time to do something else.

I have been wrestling (and writing ) BUBBLEGUMROCKZ now for about a year? And i don't feel quite right on it yet. Maybe it's not time i feel. The story is not all there because i need it to say something that I can't find the words to say yet.

So i have shelved it. There is no art to show here because it's nothing i haven't put down here before- so i feel if i feel it's the same old same old...Then why wouldn't the viewer see it that way as well.

So here it goes...

My next mission statement is sorta kinda more a light fun action horror adventure book. As soon i finish all my Marvel work and clear the desk I will start doing specs and sketches of this world and the process that goes with creating something from scratch. I thought it would be neat to do all that here.

The pitch for this book is Akira meets The Warriors in a punk rock vampire epic.

If you can see that then good.


So here's to it. Let the good times roll.


Thursday, June 5, 2008



It's been awhile...I know. It's been a difficult past couple of weeks.

My father just lost his life to a bout of cancer...I wanted to put something up to honor him. But i can't really get around to drawing things new. So this is old.

Something that i just received from my inker Mark Irwin on the Spidey/Ms Marvel project that seems to be slated for September now? Who knows...

I guess why i'm posting this for him is because his passing made me realize that I have things in my life that I should cherish more.

Namely...My girlfriend.

She doesn't like it when i post shit about me and her up here.She's private. Feisty. Strong.

(i.e.- she deals with my constant bullshit...anyone who comes here knows that being any kind of artist comes with bullshit. it's the high cost of dreaming on a constant basis of a life unimaginable. it's taxing to everyone around you because i realize i live in a constant state of make believe at times.)

So back to my point of the post...


3rd panel in is totally Her. Classic Skute. I use her to model my version of Ms.Marvel. Because Ms.Marvel is Bold,Beautiful and scrappy...Constanly a bad-ass.

and that's not made up.

It's funny how life imitates art.


Monday, May 12, 2008


I lied Part 2.

Here's a sneak peek @ Ghost Rider.


This is a 8X11 photocopy of the original 11X17 bristol board.Been practicing on those sheets in my down time where ever and when ever I can. It's mostly ball point ink pen with Microns (.005 those little itty bitty points).

I'm still experimenting with style. I get this a lot when i post on DW--" it just looks like you traced over the original pencillers lines".

Ummm... I AM the "Original penciler" so wouldn't that make sense for it to maintain my line weights. Not that i don't get what they are saying...But i guess i don't "get" inkers who rationalize that they understand a pencillers thought process just because they have a bristol board of pencil work laid out in front of them.


I guess it's all a matter of what you like when you see it. I went for this look a few years ago when i was producing COCKFIGHT. But wasn't happy with it totally...Can't say i'm totally happy with it here as well...But i'm experimenting with it at least.The trend sorta kinda continued on Storm Shadow- but i wasn't happy the way that came out on the production end of things- but judging from the reviews of that book a lot of critics and the like were digging the style i was reaching for and I got the monicker -

Dirty American Anime.

(which i love btw)

And as of last week--- I asked the powers that be if i could ink myself on the book just like you se here basically (nothing fancy - just the dirty part)...Taking these to Philly Con in two weeks and i should get solid feedback there from the masses...Until then for your eyes only...



Sunday, May 11, 2008


I lied.

Been in the weeds and trying to cope with life things. But i got this awhile ago from my inker on the MS.MARVEL project and i'm pretty proud of it and i wanted to share. It's a big piece. Double page spread of "inky goodness" as Mark Irwinputs it.

When i was 5 o r6 years old my Mom told my that she bought me a box of crayons and left me alone with them for a while in my room. Upon returning to check up on me...She found that i pulled out the red and blue crayons only and doodled Spidey all over my bedroom walls.

I had that in mind when i did this spread.



Thursday, May 1, 2008


More inks on GhostRider.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So i'm alil' scared about this one. My bud Jason says i should post it and see what kind of feedback i get from it.

This was a big decision to take on inking the original penciled board- but i was feeling pretty brave a couple nights ago and went for it.

I used real ink! Brushes and the whole nine on this one. I went with a 3 step process on it.

The media used are:

Pencils.Ink.Ball point pen and white out.

I think this is pretty much the final on how BGR is gonna look. I'm toying with doing the book in watered down ink washes and ball point completely.

This will probably be my last post for a bit.I have to pack up and split San Fran for a bit to head back home to deal with some serious family health issues that are not looking very good at the moment.So i'm sure i'll be seeing some of you @ home and thanks for your support it's very much appreciated.

So with that said- i'm gonna be putting a lot into the drawings now even if it's only alittle bit of them now- because as a good friend of mine once said...

"Therapy. Man. It's my therapy from the bullshit."

Too true.It seems it's the only thing keeping my sanity anymore. It's weird like that- my drive to create elevates when times get like these...

Peace before you Feast.



WAH-LAH! is (was) a commissioned piece i picked up from a nice gent in LA during Wizard World.

Charles thank you for your patience. It's on it's way. It was a fun piece. I don't do alot of DC stuff- so when i do get a chance to do a good one like this- I like to put a lot of thought to them.

I usually make copies of all my works and practice my inking on them. So here's the piece both in original pencils and coffee shop inks.


Monday, April 28, 2008



(all ball point bic pen)



Saturday, April 26, 2008


Still playing around with inking techniques.



Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Recipe:

2 cups of Dio's "Man on the Silver Mountain"
4 tea spoons of the chorus to Black Mountains "Stormy High"
2 grind rounds of a yummy breakfast courtesy of Trader Joes.
1 Cup of Gallery Coffee. splash of cream 5 packs of sugah.
1 stick of sandlewood incense burning.
a spice of Chris Cornell and Tom Morello telling to "Dah do dah- A dah- DO dadda do dahhh" on "Exploder"
1 dash of the girlfriend out of the house and @ the gym.
1 round of Bob Dylan telling me that "everyone must get stoned"
1 load of laundry spinning out of control.
1 shitty scanner.



Monday, April 21, 2008



Today is the power cosmic day.

Surfs Up.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FWAP! (Jus' Like Dat)


I really really really like those Rock Star energy drinks.

I've had this image in my head for idunno...a month? I was flipping thru some old BATMAN ANIMATED stuff and i came across Bruce Timm's BANE.

FIrst of all--- I LOVE Bruce Timm...and I really dig BANE.

Like chocolate and peaut butta i suppose.

And i thought...It would be cool to draw Bane kicking Venom's ass...Because BANE rocks.




The man himself...Johnny Blaze.

A little Ghost Rider snapshot from the book i'm on.

It's called MERCY.




Still working on my inking sensibilities here and there.

I'd like to get wayyyy more comfortable with it so i can basically start inking myself. As a penciller in this "rap game" you can get steam rolled or butchered at the inking process. But in all fairness- sometimes the penciler (me) can sometimes not make things so clear and evident to any inker who comes along.

I look at these exercises in two ways. Improve me inking abilities...And create more definition for any inker to make my artwork more understandable and clear.

So i whipped out this old Bloodrayne Alt. cover and did a re-mix on it. Experimenting with lines and textures and blacks and all that jazz.

I'm also going thru alot of old artwork because i'm going to be putting them up for sale on a gallery website soon enough!

Hint Hint.

Until then...



Tuesday, April 15, 2008



BATman...And the OUTSIDERS!

Rated PG13.



This is not the original's just a copy that i wanted to drop soem inks on during a warm-up session before pages.

I did this for a would be cover thing for DC that never got the green light. Which is cool- now that i look at it...It wasn't my best work. I hate alot of things about the piece yet- i do like a some of things going on in it. I wish i played more with the field depths and so forth... But i was under a two day turn around for this.

So there you go.

I showed this to one editor over @ DC and he emails me back and goes...

"What's Catwoman doing on top of Batman?"

I said...

"She's riding that bitch like he knew she would."



Friday, April 11, 2008


Still working off and on my inking skills.

Old school Bloodrayne stuff in mix. This was an alt cover for the Plague of Dreams book i did back in the day that never got printed.



Thursday, April 10, 2008


Coffee shop madness.

I wish i centered it a bit more...Was going for quickness and gesture and the lighting @ the shop was horrid.

I love these characters.



Monday, April 7, 2008


He who walks in both worlds.



Friday, April 4, 2008


So been busy gearing up for alil' Johnny Blaze action.

Skute and I were watching a friends 8 year old the other day.His name was Tim.

He was into the robots in disguise badly and wanted to color one with some of his crayons.

I kept trying to show him the original Transformers animated movie and he wasn't into it...just that crappy new one.Whatever.

I did this on the fly from a pic i googled online- and i'm pretty sure it doesn't match up well with the original...

But i said screw it and doodled it out anyways- it was fun after i got into it. He seemed to like it. And took it with him

to color at home because we ran out of time there.

I told him id post it on the blog and then post the colors the next time.



Monday, March 31, 2008



Just starting to get back inked pages from the amazingly talented Mark Irwin!

Thought I'd provide a sneeky peak at just alil' something something to show what this is gonna look like.

A teaser if you will.

Of things to come!

Today's opening day!! i just got my MLB package!! Go PhilliES!!



Saturday, March 29, 2008



There is an absolute creative mind field in progress in my apartment right now. Busting it out every which way but loose.

And don't you love it when the Ipod shuffler plays all the hits?

I sure do.

Check it.



Friday, March 28, 2008


Part 2.

Got lazy with the background- will probably define this more during the inking stage?

Not sure. Trying to beat so many clocks at the moment.



Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is something I got inspired by from the DW message boards sketch challenge-- my warm up sketch that started to evolve before i hit some boards.

It's version.

Well- technically it's not my "version"- i once worked with a fellow who was BIG into Exiles (the comicbook) and i knew basically nothing about the comic at the time- But he had some crazy ideals about it that would be awesome to bring to life...

I digress-

But this is unfinished as of yet- BUT i will finish before friday because that's the sketch deadline and all that beat the clock stuff.

Here it tis'

Alt-world-ish Falcon...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A re-doodle (meaning I inked it from a copy of the original) I did while i sat @ Joe's Coffee shop.

Been feeling like dogshit today. It's time to make some changes in my diet fo' shizzle.We ("WE" being myself and my other half, Skute-a-licious) are doing a hardcore cleansing diet thingie that she's getting me into. It's suppose to clean you out,up and down and make you right again.

I don't know that I feel like i'm "looking forward" to that...But i am looking forward to cleaning out the pipes and getting back into some sort of shape- because the bad number ( 36) is looming and I want to be more healthy and all that shit.

We are also getting rid of the internet. Which is becoming somewhat of a time waster.At least for a month. So it will be interesting to see how much output i can get "out" without getting "sucked in" if you know what i mean?

BUT- have no fear- I will try to take good old CLAIREBENNET ( my MACbook) to the coffee shop to update you on all the latest fits of ALIEN TECHNOLOGY.

Thanks for stopping and...