Friday, April 4, 2008


So been busy gearing up for alil' Johnny Blaze action.

Skute and I were watching a friends 8 year old the other day.His name was Tim.

He was into the robots in disguise badly and wanted to color one with some of his crayons.

I kept trying to show him the original Transformers animated movie and he wasn't into it...just that crappy new one.Whatever.

I did this on the fly from a pic i googled online- and i'm pretty sure it doesn't match up well with the original...

But i said screw it and doodled it out anyways- it was fun after i got into it. He seemed to like it. And took it with him

to color at home because we ran out of time there.

I told him id post it on the blog and then post the colors the next time.



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