Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So i'm alil' scared about this one. My bud Jason says i should post it and see what kind of feedback i get from it.

This was a big decision to take on inking the original penciled board- but i was feeling pretty brave a couple nights ago and went for it.

I used real ink! Brushes and the whole nine on this one. I went with a 3 step process on it.

The media used are:

Pencils.Ink.Ball point pen and white out.

I think this is pretty much the final on how BGR is gonna look. I'm toying with doing the book in watered down ink washes and ball point completely.

This will probably be my last post for a bit.I have to pack up and split San Fran for a bit to head back home to deal with some serious family health issues that are not looking very good at the moment.So i'm sure i'll be seeing some of you @ home and thanks for your support it's very much appreciated.

So with that said- i'm gonna be putting a lot into the drawings now even if it's only alittle bit of them now- because as a good friend of mine once said...

"Therapy. Man. It's my therapy from the bullshit."

Too true.It seems it's the only thing keeping my sanity anymore. It's weird like that- my drive to create elevates when times get like these...

Peace before you Feast.



I R SL8ER said...

Dude, really like. Might I make and odd thought and try it in a red ink. I know that sounds preposterous, but always trying to think outside the box, though I rarely do it myself.

mayet Andreassen said...

Wow! Looks really great M. Cant wait to see more