Thursday, September 11, 2008



It's been awhile. No art to post though- I'm in the weeds with the Weapon X:First Class mini that i'm moving thru.

Slow and steady.

I have art to show- but i'm holding on to it until it's time. Most of it will be stuff I've been playing with for SUNSETCITY DEVILS FOREVER.

It's been a year let me tell you. The Ghost Rider and Ms. Marvel books seem to have been a success. I got work lined up so i'm pretty happy about that.

In other news- Rob Campanella will be joining me for inking duties for Weapon X. He's a Philly guy- we hang out and have late-late talks @ a local center city diner. Rob's a pro man.If you ever get a chance to pick his brain I would suggest you do so.

I am told i have something els elined up after this gig with Marvel- so let the speculations begin.

I'll post it here first- I want cracks at Black Panther, Iron Fist and Ghost Rider.

Nothing to feast here- so i'll end with a "Word".

Thanks for stopping and i promise i will post artwork soon!!