Thursday, February 28, 2008


It was late.

Skute was eating peanut M&M's and watching some movie with Cate Blanchate yelling and screaming alot riding around on a horse.

I was listening to Metallica's version of TURN THE PAGE- this sketch ended a long day/night. It seemed appropriate to do these guys to that tune. They are the road crew. Road warriors. Three musketeers...


Remember the good ole' dayz.

On a long and lonesome highway, east of omaha.
You can listen to the engine moaning out its one lone song
You can think about woman, or the girl you knew the night before,
But your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always do.
When your riding sixteen hours and theres nothing much to do
And you dont feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.
Say, here I am, on the road again. there I am, up on the stage.
Here I go, playing star again.
There I go, turn the page.
Well you walk into a restaurant, strung out from the road,
You can feel the eyes upon you as your shaking off the cold
You pretend it doesnt bother you, but you just want to explode.
Most times you cant hear em talk, other times you can.
Oh the same old cliche, as that woman on her a man
You always see my number, you dont dare make a stand.
Here I am, on the road again. there I am, up on the stage.
Here I go, playing star again.
There I go, turn the page.
Out there in the spotlight your a million miles away,
Every ounce of energy, you try and give away,
As the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play.
Later in the evening as you lie awake in bed,
With the echo from the amplifiers ringing in your head,
You smoke the days last cigarette, remembering what she said.
Now here I am, on the road again. there I am, up on the stage.
Here I go, playing star again.
There I go, turn the page.
Here I am, on the road again. there I am, up on the stage.
Ah here I go, playing star again.
There I go, there I

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Screwing around with inks again.

Warm up sketch before I destroy some SpiderMan pages.

After i was done this piece I realized I absolutely hate Dagger's face. She looks too hard.

I'm thinking of re-doing this one again and approach it from another way. I have an idea how i want to do it...But it doesn't involve Dagger's face at all.It'll be more artsy fartsy.





WonderCon has came and went. We came.We saw.We envisioned many things.Sight beyond sight and all that happy horn-snoggle.

It was a pretty rad time had by all...Found out that i was indeed NOT sitting next to J.Scott Campbell as I was scheduled to...But the very talented Mark Brooks. Very nice guy. We had a bunch of laughs...And we were pretty busy to say the least throughout the show.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who stopped by the table to take a look at my work and talked with...It was and always will be a pleasure. I met some old peeps ( I am no longer using the word FANS or FAN to describe people who dig my work) And new peeps. Thank you.Thank You. and Yes...Thank you.

I'd like to personally thank a few people for taking time out of their busy schedules to stop down and see me...I appreciate it.

I did a shitload of sketches- I'd like to provide a list every year to see what people are looking to see me draw...So here's what i have give or take...

Storm Shadow. ( i did 2 of those bad boys--- both were killer IMO.)
Prince Namor.
Ms. Marvel
Angela (from CODENAME:KO)
Capt. America and SNAKEEYES.
X-23 ( alot of people want me to draw her...interesting)
Kitty Pryde and Locheed
Niko (by far the best sketch i did @ the show--i have it on a mini disc and i'll try to get it up here soon i promise!)
Electro ( for a spider villian jam piece)
Lex Luther & Robin

and an old school Storm with the Mohawk for Stormy over @ Isotope Comics. Radtastic.

I also finished the show with an HourMan piece from a gentleman who talked me into it after telling me that he wanted him depicted "shooting up".

Sigh'...The things i do for the love of the game.

Anywayz- Here's a nice splash shot of the Spidey/Ms.Marvel book that peeps seemed to really dig-So i thought it would cool to put it up here until i can get to doing some new doodles to throw up...



Wednesday, February 13, 2008



and Dah.



And So.

This is a warm up that got more involved as the day went into the night and so on...

The basic idea @ first was to have Spidey hanging out in his webs waiting for this fly to come along. Blah Blah.

But the fly wasn't working really and I felt the piece kinda stood on it's own...So there it is.

Eventually I'll throw some inks on this sap sucker and see what happens but i'm moving on to pages and other inventions of my mind.

One week till WonderCon- Looking to beef up my portfolio for the showcase showdown...I really want to push myself to have at least ten new pieces for that show to show my range- so get ready to NOT see capes and cowls from now on.

There will be everything but.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lost in the Garden of Eden and no ones gonna believe us...

Suck on that.


Ah G'N'R does it everytime.

This is a design for some old Bloodrayne Bumble Clot Shite I am playing around with for ZERO DAWN.

Don't ask me (or blame me?) what the deal is with the upside down crosses...maybe I just feel the BR books lack that sense of Satanic presence...

I dunno.




Monday, February 11, 2008


So it's been awhile since i posted anything new.

I have been away- back home to Philly to handle some family issues that really took alot out of me and everything got back-burnered---especially anything creatively.

Hence the absence.

Well- i did this doodle before all of that went down and inked it on the plane ride back from Philly.

I plan on getting more stuff up here in the next coming days and hopefully from now on- because of...

1- i need to get drawing more.

2-It's kind of therapy for me these days and everything that has gone down weighs pretty heavy on me now...And hopefully i can gain more perspective and inspiration from taking my thoughts and translating them into some nice images that everyone can witness and enjoy and ponder.

3- Philly was a pretty intense trip filled with alot of great mind melds and inspiring friends and old haunts...

And i'll shut up now and provide the stuff you come here for...