Thursday, October 30, 2008


That was the song playing when i was finishing this up the old Ipod-

Dust Bros. (from Fight Club)

This continues the series of Batman villians VS Spidey Foes.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So yeah.

Sometimes things get convoluted.

That means basically that sometimes i send i artwork- in the layout stage- it gets the OK. But when i do actual "finished" pencils it can get...well...

Convoluted. Edited down to a more PG rated state. This not the first time this has happened to me- SO i wanted to post the double page spread you won't be seeing in it's original state because i thought it was mild- maybe not so much to the powers that be.

I do believe panels 3 and 4 were too graphic for an all ages adventures book. That Wolverine and those stupid claws of his always getting in the way of morality.




Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I think my scanner is dying.

It's doing weird shit like scanning things sideways. Half pages. Whatever it wants to basically to piss me off.

So yeah- wanted to get something new up here. It's been awhile since i left you with alil' something somethin'.

So this is a sneaky peak from WEAPON X:First Class. Part of 7 panel double page spread in Issue 2. My inspiration for this was Jack Kirby meets OLD BOY. I hope people dig the series. It's a challenge that's for sure...

Should be pretty cool to see what happens. Maybe everyone will love it and buy hundreds of thousands of copies and i will get offered some stuff to do and i can buy a new scanner and provide the people with solid crisp clean scans.


On Sale Nov. 5th people.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Weapon X

Sneaky peek.

This guy is driving me insane. I still don't feel i have a handle on the character. He has to be one of the hardest characters to nail down in the Marvel U.

I guess there's SO many incarnations of him floating around to be influenced by it's hard to peel back all of that and find something of my own to put into him.

I've been going with the Samurai look. I made his outfit more mesh-y and sharp edged. I went with combining what JR JR and Cockrum did for him. I tried (maybe i failed who knows) to incorporate a more feral look as well. I definately wanted to stay with the short and stocky fireplug look.

I dunno- What i do know is that i'm thinking that Wolverine's first design was to mimic Batman's.Especially the head piece fro his cowl...that thing makes absolutely NO sense...I haven't wrestled with my creative brain this much since Bloodrayne and those crazy rings in her hair.




Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SCDF! (A Slight Return)


Here's some new stuff!!!

Character designs for Sunset City Devils Forever.

Some SCDF! for your eyeballz!!!

Some of these images are "still" works in progress...But the general feel of what i want is pretty much in there.Hopefully, I can get more motivated to get some more of these done and the rest finished up.

First to last-

"Blood Brothers"-
"The Hands of Regis"
"MayzeeO's Knife Party"