Sunday, July 27, 2008


I lied.

Here's some Ghost Rider Inked goodies i got from Danny MIki...mmm...

You likey?

August baby...August.




So Back in the Dayz continues...

Because i have new artwork but i can't show it! Be patient...It's coming. A lot is going on these days. Baseball is in full swing...I love this time of year man- no we see who is who and who is for real. Sleeping giants awaken as do the bats.

Clobberin' Time.

This might be my last post for a time...I am return home to Philly. California break y'know...It's been a hard year. A lot of ups and downs. I am using the time to do something i shoudl have done a long time ago...

"Wake up."

I am a slave to this. It's my therapy. My outlet. My imagination is the space where i constantly go to get away from the things that pain me. I started this in Philly so if it's to end it might as well be there no?

I get a strange energy from Philly...I won't lie...I hate that city because it knows me too well. Thi smay come off as bullshit or funny- but...

I need to know where i came from to know where i want to go.

Anywayz- on to the B.I.T.D (back in the day) jam of the week.

2 pieces...I did both of these pieces back in 2004-ish i wanna say...I was going thru a bad time in my life man- i had just finished my first Marvel project ( New Mutants) and it was a train wreck of an experience to say the least. I thought i was ready for it- but i was not. I got bummed and fell into a certain badness. I actually moved to Nebraska during that spell (yeah i move around A LOT...i'd like to stop really.)- for like 3 days i think...To stay with my Sister...and that was a disaster needless to say.So, I came back east and stayed with an old girlfriend in York, PA (Amish country yo) of all was like brain rehab i guess...Cracker Barrel man... Awesomeness.

I was there for 3 months i think.Last of summer, first of fall before i moved back into the city. I hadn't drawn much since that point...Nothing too spectacular. I remember not even having an art table when i drew these. Me and my Lady then were flat broke. Super broke. I drew these on these Kmart special picnic table things...Old school all the way.

So yeah... Enough- on with it right? Right- well next time i post i'm sure it'll be from Philly.

And it'll be a big one. Because i'll be awake. And i'll be bringing a big bat called the X-MEN!


"Self Portrait- I should have ducked." This piece was done supposedly for a pretend jacket cover for COCKFIGHT.

"Concept artwork" for a failed Cartoon Network pitch



Saturday, July 19, 2008

KNIFE PARTY (SCDF! Trailer Park Thrash)


It's here...Well- at least 0.1 % of it is...

SUNSET CITY DEVILS FOREVER begins...This is the concept stage for things- I started this as a warm up and went ballistic on it into the wee hours taking a break from the Marvel madness on my plate.

This is one of the members of the cast.

Her name is MayZee-O.

She likes to dance on burning rooftops and play with knives.

More to come.



Monday, July 14, 2008



This will be OLD SCHOOL MONDAYS...or BACK IN THE DAY MONDAYZ...I have not decided- but i think it would be interesting and cool- not too much humbling and a little cool to see the kind of nonsense and craziness i use to come up with back in the day.

I opened up an old suitcase today and i bunch of oldness slithered out- and i went back down memory lane. It's been a hard week- and it's been a hard year.

With the opening shuffle of looking for a gig and a home and having to return to home twice to attend to hospitals and sick parents. Thankfully my Mom survived her ordeal and my father was not so lucky and lost his life about a month ago. Leaving all of us in the aftershock and trying to keep it together...Like back in the day.

Shit i will get real personal here. I had a hard childhood.I was poor as dirt. I was even homeless once.I was profiled.i have been shot at. Stuck up.beat up.Beat down.Discriminated. All i had was my imagination...Nobody could take that from me.

It was a way out of it i suppose.

Comics can fuck up your world man. Good and Bad ways. I would like to focus on the good for a moment...

I don't remember a lot about my childhood. I think it's because i block it out because it was mostly unpleasant. Wat i do remember usually stems from my love for comics. I remember how me and my best friend TuRae Gordon - who is a comedian now of all things- god love him...Use to buy old comics for like 10 cents or 25 cents in the backbins and cut them up and make "ACTION BUTTONS"

We would cut out certain panels that were dope like the one of Wolverine in that classic XMEN issue when he's down in the sewers going "Now it's my turn BUB!!!"

LOL. We'd see that shit for like a dollar. Did it for months until kids caught on to our hustle.

Anywayz...I found a good amount- i will date and name the works...

LEMMY (: Motorhead thing i was asked to draw up from an animation studio who was pitching this GODS of ROCK show to MTV back in the day. I do believe Ahmed Zappa was attached to this. I did 3 of these (and some other ones). The Gods of Rock consisted of Lemmy ,Rob Halford and Dio. Dio was an add on for Ozzy...Because apparently Ozzy was too busy being real world-ish to do the God of Rock thing. I remember when i got this gig.I was staying with my big Sis because i just moved out of my place with my ex-girlfriend because she was...BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

Censored because this is a blog not a laundry mat.

The year i do believe was 2001. don't quote me.


I did this in a character and layout class for animation. This is teenage Billy-Rip and Running. Billy in four stages of life type of thing.I don't remember what i got as a grade...I think a "B"...not sure.

The year was 1999. Cue in Prince...Now.

and Finally- this is real old school...

I still want to use this idea to this day. This is from a role playing game adventure actually. That is right...I was D&D all the way man. Loved it. But this is from sort of hybrid-game that I created. I like the coloring job i even did. This was almost 20 years ago.

1989 man. Crazy right? Insane.

Back in the day...I thought this stuff was the shit.Just like lemonheads.Intelevision Baseball.KeL-Leco handheld chumpies. SueFunDIP...and Step Ball.

Anybody want to play a game of One Two 3 Hold?




So here's a commission wayyyy over due. I know. I know.

I JUST noticed (better late than never) that these dude are black and white-ish Ying Yang players.

Funny.* That Hama...Always dreaming things up in metaphor.

Anywayz...Here it is.

Note>this is a horrible scan- it got cropped off on S.S. broken blade. My bad.


Monday, July 7, 2008


So i'm diving headlong into pages now with all layouts done now.

Some doodles and teases of things to come.

Back to it then.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008


July is officially here.

It's the the month of fireworks, big explosions, liberation and all that jazz right?

What better way to start it off with an all X-MEN month. If you love the Merry Mutants you'll want to check in from time to time to see my take on them.

Because i'm going to try to put up as many images as i can with my work on the new project. Hope you dig.