Monday, January 21, 2008

EARTH PEOPLE ( i was born on JUPITER)

Yeah man.

Doctor Octagon is what's up first thing in the morning @ say...6:30 am.

Anywayz- This is something from the new Lord Havok & The Extremists book I filled in on. Crazy DC Elseworld stuff collides with my grey matter.

I liked this panel. I did it different about 3 or four times. I hated the angle at first. But I kinda settled on this one. I feel it works best here for the scene.



Sunday, January 20, 2008


So i know it's been awhile since i posted anything new up in hurr.

But today is the day people!!

This one was inspired by Dave Cockrum's Brood storyline where Wolverine is on a whacked out jungle planet where the planet life looks oddly phallic or vagina like.

(SIDENOTE-I'm currently reading X-Men Essential VOL. 4 it's rad you should pick it up.)

Anywayz- Dave Cockrum was a master stroyteller and even though I would say i wasn't crazy about his style per say...I loved his draftman ship and storytelling.

Nobody does those funky Close-up face profile flashback thingies like He did.

Well- here it is...

My Cockrum homage piece.



Friday, January 4, 2008


So i got a surprise call from an old friend last night.

We use to be partners in crime in the Comic biz but alas...Sometimes things get..."Muddy and Murk-filled". But we have alot in common about what we do and don't like about comics and basically we both kinda sorta come to a mutual agreement that Green Latern is an insane concept that has yet to reach it's insane potential.

Awhile back some of the folks over at DC asked me to do a redesign on and old head GL from way back in the day.

I went for a "Lovecraftian" feel on this piece.

It's actually in the new Green Latern: Secret Files for anyone interested in checking it out (ON SALE NOW!!).

This was actually my 2nd "official" ink job on myself as well...I think it turned out ok.


Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy New Year.

It's the Year of the Rat.

New slate. I had a tough time of things ending the year of 2007. But fought through getting my head right and push on thru the Holiday madness and all the entails.

So most of the drawing that got done was Spider-Man related. I had to put the pedal to the metal there...Since I started working on the project I never truly felt comfortable.

Until Last night.

I did a killer page (IMO). Pulled an all-niter basically...Listening to some PJ Harvey & Karen O. I realized that these two ladies go great to together with Spider-Man smashing thru things.

Who knew.