Monday, January 21, 2008

EARTH PEOPLE ( i was born on JUPITER)

Yeah man.

Doctor Octagon is what's up first thing in the morning @ say...6:30 am.

Anywayz- This is something from the new Lord Havok & The Extremists book I filled in on. Crazy DC Elseworld stuff collides with my grey matter.

I liked this panel. I did it different about 3 or four times. I hated the angle at first. But I kinda settled on this one. I feel it works best here for the scene.




I R SL8ER said...

I like it, nice angle and all, just doesn't have your usual flow. Maybe its something you should just save for the pieces like the wolverine one. Dig it though.

Oh and since I am only going to post one with out a reply, nice to hear Earth People, makes me want to put in the good Dr.

Brett Wood said...

My skin is green and silver, warhead lookin' mean
Astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele....
Cool beans brother...