Monday, October 31, 2011


Imagine if technology became heresy due to a new Dark Age.

Now imagine mystics and warriors who wage war with one another over a
broken technology that has been encoded in one singular device.

A machine that holds the answers of the past and future of everything.
A quantum mechanical crystal ball.

Now imagine if that machine malfunctioned.

This is BATTLE TEAM 5.

And that is just the prologue to our story.

The Future is Now.

Starting in November you will be introduced to all 5 team members.
Please check back early and often and pass it on.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Revolution is Calling your name.

Sneak preview page from BATTLE TEAM FIVE

Get Your Battle ON!


Thursday, October 20, 2011



To me, nostalgia is why I do what it is that I do. It is the sole
driving force behind every idea and pitch I produce
these days for brewing projects. It provides me with my
creative motivations and my artistic instincts every time I sit down
and start to construct at my workspace.

I have a very messy workspace indeed.

But there is a method in all of the madness and I recently stumbled
upon it while moving boxes around in my studio ( which is in my
basement) due to flooding. What i found in those misadventures led me
to all of this:

A comic book I created when i was 11 years old. Actually 5 comic
books. It's all housed here (picture shown) in one of those 5 Subject
Mead Notebook Jimmie Jawnz. Five is a recurring theme in all of this.
Remember that in the future. 5.

The thesis of this project came out of a conversation with an old friend
over beers while looking through the comic book itself. We laughed and
made fun of the insanity of my 11 year old brain, the randomness and
obvious influence of other pop cultural cartoon stimuli...

Star Blazers. Battle of The Planets. Astro Boy. Speed Racer. The
Fantastic Four. Shogun Warriors. Ultra Man...

The list can go on. But all was evident... This was my Creative ID taking
shape. Mission Command abandoned only to be found 28 years later. My
Buck Rogers Moment.

That night it was suggested that (in jest- or at least I thought we
were joking) I should play around with the idea of "re-imagining" what
these super hero characters would look like today with my current
skill set and abilities. So I sat with it. Flipped some things around.
Turned some things up. Reenforced the dot connectors.

This whole project is to be an experience in creative self-awareness
and discovery. When i look over what i have to date i am
pleased with myself. Not because I am just happy with the artwork but
i am happy with tapping back into the joy of what i do again.

So without any further ado...

Let's get to creating.

Enjoy the Experience and thank you for coming along for the ride.

Buckle. Up.

And please join us for the ride.