Monday, February 11, 2008


So it's been awhile since i posted anything new.

I have been away- back home to Philly to handle some family issues that really took alot out of me and everything got back-burnered---especially anything creatively.

Hence the absence.

Well- i did this doodle before all of that went down and inked it on the plane ride back from Philly.

I plan on getting more stuff up here in the next coming days and hopefully from now on- because of...

1- i need to get drawing more.

2-It's kind of therapy for me these days and everything that has gone down weighs pretty heavy on me now...And hopefully i can gain more perspective and inspiration from taking my thoughts and translating them into some nice images that everyone can witness and enjoy and ponder.

3- Philly was a pretty intense trip filled with alot of great mind melds and inspiring friends and old haunts...

And i'll shut up now and provide the stuff you come here for...