Wednesday, February 27, 2008



WonderCon has came and went. We came.We saw.We envisioned many things.Sight beyond sight and all that happy horn-snoggle.

It was a pretty rad time had by all...Found out that i was indeed NOT sitting next to J.Scott Campbell as I was scheduled to...But the very talented Mark Brooks. Very nice guy. We had a bunch of laughs...And we were pretty busy to say the least throughout the show.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who stopped by the table to take a look at my work and talked with...It was and always will be a pleasure. I met some old peeps ( I am no longer using the word FANS or FAN to describe people who dig my work) And new peeps. Thank you.Thank You. and Yes...Thank you.

I'd like to personally thank a few people for taking time out of their busy schedules to stop down and see me...I appreciate it.

I did a shitload of sketches- I'd like to provide a list every year to see what people are looking to see me draw...So here's what i have give or take...

Storm Shadow. ( i did 2 of those bad boys--- both were killer IMO.)
Prince Namor.
Ms. Marvel
Angela (from CODENAME:KO)
Capt. America and SNAKEEYES.
X-23 ( alot of people want me to draw her...interesting)
Kitty Pryde and Locheed
Niko (by far the best sketch i did @ the show--i have it on a mini disc and i'll try to get it up here soon i promise!)
Electro ( for a spider villian jam piece)
Lex Luther & Robin

and an old school Storm with the Mohawk for Stormy over @ Isotope Comics. Radtastic.

I also finished the show with an HourMan piece from a gentleman who talked me into it after telling me that he wanted him depicted "shooting up".

Sigh'...The things i do for the love of the game.

Anywayz- Here's a nice splash shot of the Spidey/Ms.Marvel book that peeps seemed to really dig-So i thought it would cool to put it up here until i can get to doing some new doodles to throw up...



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