Sunday, July 27, 2008


So Back in the Dayz continues...

Because i have new artwork but i can't show it! Be patient...It's coming. A lot is going on these days. Baseball is in full swing...I love this time of year man- no we see who is who and who is for real. Sleeping giants awaken as do the bats.

Clobberin' Time.

This might be my last post for a time...I am return home to Philly. California break y'know...It's been a hard year. A lot of ups and downs. I am using the time to do something i shoudl have done a long time ago...

"Wake up."

I am a slave to this. It's my therapy. My outlet. My imagination is the space where i constantly go to get away from the things that pain me. I started this in Philly so if it's to end it might as well be there no?

I get a strange energy from Philly...I won't lie...I hate that city because it knows me too well. Thi smay come off as bullshit or funny- but...

I need to know where i came from to know where i want to go.

Anywayz- on to the B.I.T.D (back in the day) jam of the week.

2 pieces...I did both of these pieces back in 2004-ish i wanna say...I was going thru a bad time in my life man- i had just finished my first Marvel project ( New Mutants) and it was a train wreck of an experience to say the least. I thought i was ready for it- but i was not. I got bummed and fell into a certain badness. I actually moved to Nebraska during that spell (yeah i move around A LOT...i'd like to stop really.)- for like 3 days i think...To stay with my Sister...and that was a disaster needless to say.So, I came back east and stayed with an old girlfriend in York, PA (Amish country yo) of all was like brain rehab i guess...Cracker Barrel man... Awesomeness.

I was there for 3 months i think.Last of summer, first of fall before i moved back into the city. I hadn't drawn much since that point...Nothing too spectacular. I remember not even having an art table when i drew these. Me and my Lady then were flat broke. Super broke. I drew these on these Kmart special picnic table things...Old school all the way.

So yeah... Enough- on with it right? Right- well next time i post i'm sure it'll be from Philly.

And it'll be a big one. Because i'll be awake. And i'll be bringing a big bat called the X-MEN!


"Self Portrait- I should have ducked." This piece was done supposedly for a pretend jacket cover for COCKFIGHT.

"Concept artwork" for a failed Cartoon Network pitch



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