Sunday, October 12, 2008


Weapon X

Sneaky peek.

This guy is driving me insane. I still don't feel i have a handle on the character. He has to be one of the hardest characters to nail down in the Marvel U.

I guess there's SO many incarnations of him floating around to be influenced by it's hard to peel back all of that and find something of my own to put into him.

I've been going with the Samurai look. I made his outfit more mesh-y and sharp edged. I went with combining what JR JR and Cockrum did for him. I tried (maybe i failed who knows) to incorporate a more feral look as well. I definately wanted to stay with the short and stocky fireplug look.

I dunno- What i do know is that i'm thinking that Wolverine's first design was to mimic Batman's.Especially the head piece fro his cowl...that thing makes absolutely NO sense...I haven't wrestled with my creative brain this much since Bloodrayne and those crazy rings in her hair.





Drew Moss said...

Back in the day I used to judge peoples ability on how well they could draw wolverine. I know. weird. I still kind of use it as a guide.

Great job mark.

Anonymous said...

I would agree. I hate drawing this character. I never feel I get him right. You did a bang up job though.

mayet Andreassen said...

Lookin great to me!