Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Still working on my inking sensibilities here and there.

I'd like to get wayyyy more comfortable with it so i can basically start inking myself. As a penciller in this "rap game" you can get steam rolled or butchered at the inking process. But in all fairness- sometimes the penciler (me) can sometimes not make things so clear and evident to any inker who comes along.

I look at these exercises in two ways. Improve me inking abilities...And create more definition for any inker to make my artwork more understandable and clear.

So i whipped out this old Bloodrayne Alt. cover and did a re-mix on it. Experimenting with lines and textures and blacks and all that jazz.

I'm also going thru alot of old artwork because i'm going to be putting them up for sale on a gallery website soon enough!

Hint Hint.

Until then...



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