Monday, May 12, 2008


I lied Part 2.

Here's a sneak peek @ Ghost Rider.


This is a 8X11 photocopy of the original 11X17 bristol board.Been practicing on those sheets in my down time where ever and when ever I can. It's mostly ball point ink pen with Microns (.005 those little itty bitty points).

I'm still experimenting with style. I get this a lot when i post on DW--" it just looks like you traced over the original pencillers lines".

Ummm... I AM the "Original penciler" so wouldn't that make sense for it to maintain my line weights. Not that i don't get what they are saying...But i guess i don't "get" inkers who rationalize that they understand a pencillers thought process just because they have a bristol board of pencil work laid out in front of them.


I guess it's all a matter of what you like when you see it. I went for this look a few years ago when i was producing COCKFIGHT. But wasn't happy with it totally...Can't say i'm totally happy with it here as well...But i'm experimenting with it at least.The trend sorta kinda continued on Storm Shadow- but i wasn't happy the way that came out on the production end of things- but judging from the reviews of that book a lot of critics and the like were digging the style i was reaching for and I got the monicker -

Dirty American Anime.

(which i love btw)

And as of last week--- I asked the powers that be if i could ink myself on the book just like you se here basically (nothing fancy - just the dirty part)...Taking these to Philly Con in two weeks and i should get solid feedback there from the masses...Until then for your eyes only...




I R SL8ER said...

SO was wondering what the original pencil looked like? What happened to adding a little wash to it, ala your BGR?
Oh and I prefer Filthy Anime, btw!

I R SL8ER said...

Oh, and wat the h e double hockey sticks are you doin with the hots girls on your side bar?