Thursday, June 5, 2008



It's been awhile...I know. It's been a difficult past couple of weeks.

My father just lost his life to a bout of cancer...I wanted to put something up to honor him. But i can't really get around to drawing things new. So this is old.

Something that i just received from my inker Mark Irwin on the Spidey/Ms Marvel project that seems to be slated for September now? Who knows...

I guess why i'm posting this for him is because his passing made me realize that I have things in my life that I should cherish more.

Namely...My girlfriend.

She doesn't like it when i post shit about me and her up here.She's private. Feisty. Strong.

(i.e.- she deals with my constant bullshit...anyone who comes here knows that being any kind of artist comes with bullshit. it's the high cost of dreaming on a constant basis of a life unimaginable. it's taxing to everyone around you because i realize i live in a constant state of make believe at times.)

So back to my point of the post...


3rd panel in is totally Her. Classic Skute. I use her to model my version of Ms.Marvel. Because Ms.Marvel is Bold,Beautiful and scrappy...Constanly a bad-ass.

and that's not made up.

It's funny how life imitates art.



Unknown said...

Was wondering we you've been. My condolences, bro.

Chad Hardin said...

Hey Mark sorry to hear that. Cancer friggin' sucks.