Thursday, June 26, 2008


I got my "star" today.

You get stars when you get made with the Russian mob btw...Got up pretty early with my Lady to go root for her home squad today in the semi's.

About 40 insane Russians screaming. Flags almost being burt,tossed, & discarded. Rounds of shots to elevate the pain of defeat around 11:30 am. I sat in this Irish bar and realized how much i was invested in this...

Sometime the mob pulls you in. That segues into what happen earlier in the morning.

My time @ The House of Ideas does not seem to be coming to an end so it seems. I was offered a nice lil' mini series with some my all time favorite characters...I give a hint at this blog's title's header.

SO yeah...GAME back ON so it seems. It's like the mob--- everytime you think you're out...You know the rest. I'll explian myself more later...

I think i fractured a rib when a chair holding a Spain fan snapped and rammed into our table sending it square into my ribcage. So i'm thinking this gives me an excuse to stay home inside and draw some more now.

Those Russians are crazy.


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