Friday, June 20, 2008


So after 5 years of animation school I feel pretty comfortable with "acting out" scenes with my characters. I rarely use the mirror anymore to mime out facial expressions and all that jazz...

I remember when i got my first Marvel gig on New Mutants like ages ago...(it still amazes me when people pull those books out for me to sign @ shows...Ungh...those books are laced with pain and suffering...;) )


I remember the writers on telling me that most of the books action was happening within the characters. I love that. SOmehow down the line in my career i got labeled...the hot chick drawin' guy to the big action guy...not much happening in the middle ground...

It's funny- i spend SO much time on other parts of my game. Things like page layout. Panel placement. Shot selection.line movement.Mood.ect...

Well- this is from my last batch of Ghost Rider pages...Mercy (which goes on sale in August! Look for it!) I spent a good amount of time on this scene that plays out over 3 pages i do believe...Nice character moment between Blaze and a Young Sheriff's deputy.

I really loved the way the page turned out and thought i would share it.