Tuesday, December 18, 2007


SO i totally believe my woman is psychic.

Months ago when I got word that the Storm Shadow series was getting canceled- and when i started sending out frantic panic portfolio emails to the BIG 2...she goes...

"I can see you working for both."

And it happened. I got DC work. Later I was asked to do some try out characters for Marvel. I really wanted Ghost Rider...But i digress...I did a Spider Man too...Wasn't too gah-gah over my Spidey--- but he was part of the test.

I heard no word on what I would be doing for weeks for the House of Ideas...

Then i get one of those preview books and Spider Man is plastered all over it. The next morning i wake up and Spider-Man has a message written all over his face on my drawing board.

"You better start drawing me...In two weeks."

And in two weeks...I get word i'm drawing Spider-Man.

weird right?

Gets better.

Two days ago while Xmas shopping in Borders...She picks up this very popular magazine (she says i'm not allowed to say the name outloud or print it).

She goes...

"I can see you working for these guys. You should email them. And I do."

The first email collapses and doesn't go thru. So i get wrapped up in my workload and forget it. She comes home and asks me what they said?

I tell her the email was never sent. She gives me the face.

"The face is the arched eyebrow. It looks alot like when Kirk says something ridiculaz to Spock."

So i send another one. This time to the editor in chief. When i realize that the first email was going to go to customer service.

Today I got a bounce back from that Editor.

I love that woman. Madonna apparently is not the only person with a Lucky Star.

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Unknown said...

So what's the title you can't say? haha. I won't tell anyone.