Sunday, December 16, 2007


So yeah.

No pics today...Top secret stuff going on with my work related stuff and Ihaven't had time to work on anything but.

I'm doing Spider Man and i'm trying to do different things with the character.

Actually, i'm trying to do alot of different things with his movements that you'd might not usually see him doing.He's tough to nail down.

Creating alot of dynamics and whacky shot angles.AsI get further and further down the rabbit hole I'm not so sure If i'm the right guy to draw Spidey.

I go back and forth.

I'll tell you this...If i'm asked to do another I might have to consider passing. It's a draing project. Alot of pressure.

So for some ideas/inspiration i usually turn to Youtube. Because you tube is awesome.And not unlike MC Hammer...

You can't touch it.

I dunno if they let you post the link because it's not coming up...But just type in Russian Climbers and let the good times roll.



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