Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Anybody remember Gatchaman or "G-Force" as it was called when i watched it here in america on Channel 48 in Philly?

Well- i'm going full blown with "sketchbook" theme thing in my soon to be first ever official Mark A. Robinson sketchbook to be on sale at a convention near you hopefully sometime in 2008!

I'm calling it ALIEN TECHNOLOGY 2 MARS ( Mars is me for the unaware- it's pretentious- i know but it's my planet rising in my zodiac sign as well as my name in Greek Mythology ( God of War yo.)Anyone who knows me knows this rings true...I'm loud,boisterous,rock-a-fella'd out, and nice...always remember nice.Like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse.


Anywayz--- It's gonna be called that. And it's gonna be cool. and good. and Spectacular Spectacular! And this piece is gonna grace it. Once i correct it...

I'm told there's some bits missing here and there and flaws. It'll be in there like Ragu...or was it Prego?

So here she is...A set of hopefully 5 more really hot balls out depictions of Chicks That are packing all kinds of heat.



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