Thursday, December 27, 2007



XMAS is over.At least for me it is. It's back to it. Back to the grinder. The "grinder" is exactly what it sounds like...

I received a brand new art set up which was pretty timely and inspiring thanx to the Skut. Who is now aptly named MS.MARVEL because she's awesome. I'd bee working with a rigged up ghetto-ized set up for awhile now...The table shifted at times because it was uneven on one side. The lamp light flickered for God knows what reason. ( personally i think it's because when i'm jamming out to say...DANZIG i'm smashing my pencils into the lamp shield like it's a drum cymbal or somethin'.) And my chair was an old school wooden get up. Not good for the back at all.

Here's the old boy- remembered...

But as another year wanes away from us- I put away the old in with the new- and hopefully with the new table some better Chi.

Christmas was good to us.We had a rocking good tree.(as pictured)

We made some stellar cookies. (as pictured)

and I recieved many goodies...(as pictured)

And yes...I am in a pink robe. Whut of it?

Pink is the new black yo.

Hope your Holidaze was as entertaining...

Enjoy the show-

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