Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Here comes the ruckus.

So...For about 3 years now i'll say i've been wrestling with doing my own stuff. And when I say "my own stuff" what I really mean to say is that i want to create and publish my own comic book creations...worlds, realities,whathaveyous..

During those three years i've also been busting my chops and taking swipes at the bit ( the Comic Biz) and getting myself established and finding my creative "Me" and so on... Things get lost in the shuffle every now and again.

BUBBLEGUM ROCKZ! is really no exception to this rule.

Until now.

Ever since I watched Tekkonkinkreet recently (...and especially the extras within the commentary by the director Micheal Arias...) I've wanted to tackle something of my own.All that passion that endures in those extras made me feel i needed to attempt this finally.

So many other steps factored into the decision as well. Going "Indie" is not an easy mission statement.

There's the swing in economics. I, for one can't totally imerse myself in a project until i have most of my other projects off the board. Especially one like BGRz. I want to be fair to all my work. I am professional about my approach. So less time for "paying projects" more time for the baby.

It'll be tough i'm sure. But hopefully i can stick to this.

It's a special feeling brewing...butterflies? Nah--- it's something almost feel good about it.

But something is different when you put the pencil to something you know ultimately will be yours.

And no doubt will define your voice.

Because everyone will know it's you- no safety net. You just quit the band...You're solo.

Well- anywayz...

I cannot wait to hear everyones thoughts on the work as it progresses...I will keep you as posted as possible without spoiling the whole story for you in the end.

In a nutshell this story will be about a friendship of two teenage girls from two totally different worlds yet reside in the same headspace. An opposites attract.And teenagers are fearless.

It's a story about what happens when influence becomes devotion and devotion slips into hero worship.

It's about two best friends living in a violent world.

And the only problem is that there isn't enough bullets.



Unknown said...

Cool, dude. I can't wait to see you post up your latest BloodRayne goodies. :D

I R SL8ER said...

You go boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I think its impressive your doing your own thing, just stick with it. Wait til you get the fun stuff of coming up with the money to print the damn thing, trying to pimp it everywhere, and all sorts of goodies.

Oh yeah, dig your work sir. very nice

Rivera said...

Do your thing man.I always say if it feels good,do it!