Monday, December 10, 2007



My first post on BLOGGER!

I got sick of Myspace spam and porn so i'm taking it to the hiz-ouse ovah hither yonder von window breakage.

SO anywayz- this is a bit piece I've been on and off about since I started work on the Spider-Man project I've been pugging along on. Contrary to what I thought- Spidey has to be one of the hardest characters to get down.

It's been a mission to say the least and this takes my mind off the stress of ole' web head and it's always good practice.

Well- I'm going to try to stay on the topics of art here as oppose to Myspace where it went kinda all over the place. But in all fairness I'm a kinda "all over the place" type of fellow...So there you go...Expect the unexpected here.

This piece I'm calling "GIRLSCHOOL" because as Briny Fox proclaims..."it's where all the Babies Break All The Rules!"

I wanted movement for the piece. I knew from the start that I wanted Wonder Grrrl leap frogging somehow over Super Grrrl. And I also knew I wanted the magic lasso involved.

BTW ( How many "magic lasso's are there?)...

not so "magical" if there's a shit load of them out there ---But i digress.

Well...If it's you first time coming here...

WELCOME! and Thanks for dropping by...

and if you like what you see please feel free to comment and tell a friend...

So everybody can get their cherry popped together!



JM Campbell said...

Why not make a comicspace account? comic focused and no stupid myspace spam, but just as much social network stuff.

Unknown said...

Looks snazzy,jazzy.