Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hey Now.

This is a commissioned piece I picked up from a very nice couple during Wondercon08.

I'm starting to realize where some of my major weaknesses are...

I'm a BIG re-doer. Never satisfied. Always thinking..."Nope...Not right" as I'm reaching for the eraser. I realized this @ WWLA. I also realize I can overwork some drawings. I am working on that as well.

This is a "simplified version" of a drawing.The original idea was wayyy more involved. So i channeled the little detail freak in me into smaller things that deserved such attention...Like Spidey's webs for example.

I really like doing the webs.

Anywayz- As always I did some pretty sweet pieces ( IMO) for some peeps @ WWLA...Let's see if I can remember the list without cheating and looking at my list book...

Storm Shadow and Wolverine- actually this piece was for another nice couple who I met @ Wondercon (Ginger and Justin,I do believe)...These two kinda sorta go together like peanut butta and jam if you know what i mean. I really liked that one came out pretty good. That was a re-do too.

I did two sweet Spideys.One had pumpkin bombs being hurled at him.


Green Latern (Hal Jordan).

Batman vs Supes (Frank Miller Dark Knight style) which I spent alonggggg time on. Long. Came out pretty ok. Batman is basically dislocating Supes jaw. As it should be right?

And finally I did a Ghostrider piece for a guy named Erin. Erin was digging my GR piece in my portfolio and was around and about when the guys from Marvel told me that I was going to be getting that assignment.

Cool beans.

Erin immediately said he wanted the rider.

'RAW as Hell" i do belive was what he said.




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