Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Just for the record BATTLE TEAM 5 has been maturating in my creative subconscious for about 30 years now.

Behold the proof of my strange puddings.

As I have said before, I stumbled across these "old Comics" I use to create as a kid and decided to take a friend's drunken advice and re-imagine it. When I first started tinkering with the idea I noticed that it became pretty effortless in putting stuff down on paper.

To date, over the past 2 years or so in between projects I have written/plotted 3 story arcs amounting to roughly about 300 pages or so of work. I have produced several sketches, character designs and some finished pages to boot.

I will make it no secret that I have had a hard past few years trying to find my way in the "Comic Book Industry". When I dissect what my 11 year brain was thinking here, the influences all come rolling back on why I wanted to be here in this Industry in the first place. Growing up on Comics are a lot different than growing as an artist/creator in Comics.

This project is for me to find some way home to when Comics use to be exciting and fun and full of wonder. Hopefully fans of my work will appreciate what is happening here as well. So welcome to my 11 year on brain remastered.

This is BATTLE TEAM 5.

Buckle Up.



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