Friday, October 16, 2009


She truly does.

More FoeVSFoe collectables for your eyeballs.

Calypso ( Old Spider-Man foe that no one probably remembers) and Solomon Grundy.

I did some of this and thats to the designs and feel of both characters. Can't say i stayed faithful to the original designs. The only images of Calypso i could find was Todd McFarlane's. I gotta say i hated it and thought she kinda sorta kinda looked like a tranny instead of what i had in my head when i read up on her.

Besides i had this image in my head that she could possibly be Kraven the Hunter's daughter. I also liked the concept of a little voodoo girl messing up the night with zombies and other badness.

So there it is...



Solomon Grundy would be her bitch. Because that's what zombie's are to a Voodoo preistess

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