Sunday, May 31, 2009

FOESvsFOES (batteries Not Included)


More Spider-Man Foes vs Batman Madness.

The basic concept so far is putting these two foe groups together in the same space and see the chaos ensue. IMO their is no hero(s) out there with a better villain gallery than that of the Spider and the Bat.

These usually take some time because i'm trying to commit myself to whatever combinations i come up with and totally do a... "One and done" type of deal with them. No repeats. No do-overs.

Maybe one day i'll be able to hook up my newphew for his college fund or somethin like that. Who knows.

I do know that i'm usually pretty happy with these pieces as a whole. They are as fun as it gets for me i suppose. And there's tons to go thru and think on... I guess that's half the fun- thinking of the possible combos and what it would look like and ultimately trying to figure out who wins and loses. Or maybe just there is no end to the madness.

They just stop fighting when one of those "super hero dicks" drops by.

More to come!



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